Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Men who return again

A man who had once stopped at my heart and just disappear. In the middle of a dark month of December, he arrived with a bright light that illuminated my days. He gave a beautiful color in my life. Somehow a new person who instantly made me open my eyes from a long sleep. End of 2010, I feel perfect with him. Early 2011 but did not like what I expected. He's gone without a trace left. No news at all. My days passed back to itself, alone, quiet, and dark. I'm here waiting him back but no reply from Alama universe. I forget for a moment the man and returned alone. My long gone see him with his partner. Destroyed, burnt in a lonely soul. I forget all thoughts about it. I burn all the memories of the past. But now he's back with me. I am grateful to the ruler of the universe that has brought him back with me. Oh God I'm grateful to you. I'll always keep him. I never aspires to lose him. God please help me to guard it. I just want to have happiness in my life ... I don't understand what was happening. Only one that I fear -> LOST HIM :(

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