Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

BREAKING: 8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan, Followed by Tsunami

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Japan was struck by a 8.9 earthquake off the northeastern coast of the island on Friday afternoon about 3PM local time. Initially reported as a weaker earthquake, buildings in Tokyo shook for several minutes.

A tsunami warning has been issued, with warnings that waves of up to 20 feet high could strike Japan's shores. Several buildings in Japan are reported to be on fire. All transportation systems, including airports, have been closed in Tokyo.

Warnings and watches have been issued for a wide area including Japan, Russia, Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hawaii. Reports say that a 13-foot tsunami has already hit the Miyagi prefecture in Japan. In Taiwan, the tsunami is expected to arrive at 9:30 GMT.

So far, there have been no casualties reported but Japanese media are reporting several injuries. Al Jazeera and Japan's NHK TV currently has live footage of the event. The earthquake comes at the heels of another 7.2 earthquake that struck Japan earlier this week.

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