Kamis, 18 November 2010

when you become an expectation for friends

when there is a major event that came to invite you ..
when you participate follow the event ..
when you relied upon by friends of your ..
when you start thinking how to give the best results ..
you used the time to try and keep trying ..
see your companion in arms trying to achieve perfect results ...
envied by those who fought alongside ...
You are always alone and without the capital to go ..
stopped seeing them together ..
you begin to stop when you get something that makes you stop moving ..
You belittled by your friend own ..
you dropped by him ..
but you have one goal, namely to get something to make the people around you happy ..
you keep fighting and try to achieve a success ..
you ignore all the nonsense that person ..
you consider it to criticism and input to be a good drought ..
only a few bad thoughts, but you throw it away ..
look ahead and confident ability ..
fight and keep fighting, hoping to gain the best ..
talk less do more
Yapp just waiting for the results ..
praying, hoping, will the results be announced ...
you including 3 major announcement ...
happy, touched, proud, sad, and do not think ...You get results quite ...
we came back with good news ...
for the first time to get it, go ahead with lots of light ..
Thank you for your prayers and support ...
we are one for joint ...
result oh hard work :)

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